• When can I purchase a Miami Mashup jersey and associated merchandise? 
  • If you’re HEAT Season Ticket members or Premium members, you’ll have access to an exclusive Miami Mashup pre-sale beginning November 14 at 11pm. All other customers can begin shopping one hour later, either online at 12am (November 15th) or in-person during our Midnight Madness event at FTX Arena. 
  • Aside from Midnight Madness, where else can I buy items from the Mashup collection? 
  • Upon availability, you can shop the full Miami Mashup collection both online and in-store at one of our 4 Miami HEAT Store locations. 
  • Is there an early access pre-sale window for Season Ticket & Premium Members? 
  • Yes—both Season Ticket Members and Premium Members will have access to a pre-sale window that opens 1 hour prior to the complete Miami Mashup collection launch. In order to access the pre-sale, you’ll need to sign into your MiamiHEATStore.com account with the same email address associated with your Season Ticket/Premium account. 
  • Can I personalize/customize my Mashup jersey in-person?
  • Yes—you can personalize/customize your Miami Mashup jersey at the HEAT Jersey Lab, located in section 112 at FTX Arena. 
  • How many unique Mashup jersey number combinations are there?
  • With 72 numbers (0 – 9) across 8 different number sets, there are 5,256 possible jersey combinations to choose from. 
  • How do I create a Miami HEAT Store account? 
  • How do I save my Mashup jersey design to my account? 
  • Once you’ve created a Miami HEAT Store account, you can save your design by clicking “Save to Wishlist”. Your jersey will be available for purchase on November 15th—be sure to log back into your account when the time comes! 
  • Why should I buy my Mashup from the Miami HEAT Store? 
  • The Miami HEAT Store is the ONLY retailer that gives you the power to customize and personalize your own Miami Mashup jersey. A HEAT Store-exclusive gift with purchase will also be included with any Miami Mashup jersey order while supplies last. 
  • What is the difference between a customized jersey and a personalized jersey? 
  • A customized jersey features a HEAT player’s name and number, but with number styles different than what’s featured on the player’s official Miami Mashup jersey. For example, Bam Adebayo’s official Miami Mashup jersey features his no. 13, with the 1 in “Back in Black”, and the 3 in “Championship Gold”. Customizing Bam’s jersey allows you to buy Bam’s jersey, but with your own number styles. 
  • A personalized jersey is a Miami Mashup jersey created entirely by and for you, featuring your last name and your own number in whichever style(s) you like! 
  • What are my 3 jersey options? 
  • "Player’s Choice” jerseys are the players’ official Miami Mashup jerseys. These feature the player’s name and official number in the number styles they originally selected. 
  • Customized jerseys feature a HEAT player’s name and official number, but with number styles different than what’s featured on the player’s official Mashup jersey. These are chosen by you. 
  • Personalized jerseys are created entirely by and for you, featuring your last name and your own number in whichever style(s) you like! 
  • When can I expect to receive my Miami Mashup jersey? Due to unexpected shipping delays, please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your jersey. Depending on the jersey you purchase, each can vary in shipping time. Please reference product descriptions for accurate shipment estimates. 
  • What other Miami Mashup merchandise is available aside from the jersey? Gear, novelties, and supporting retail collections from brands like Court Culture, Nike and others will be available, both online and at Midnight Madness beginning 12AM, November 15 (the night of November 14). 
  • Why should I come to Midnight Madness? Midnight Madness is where you’ll have the chance to be among the first HEAT fans to own a Miami Mashup jersey. Note that due to shipping delays, we will have a limited on-hand quantity of the jersey available for purchase at the event.  
  • When and where is Midnight Madness taking place? Midnight Madness will begin at 12AM on November 15 (the night of November 14) at the Miami HEAT Store at FTX Arena, located at 601 Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami. 
  • Where can I return my order? Returns can be placed with our online customer service team, or in-store. Please make sure you have a receipt regardless of whether your item was purchased online or in-store.  



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